Future Proof guide

I was delighted to be commissioned by the AMA (Arts Marketing Association) to write an online guide inspired by their Future Proof programme.

This guide provides practical advice to support leaders, senior managers and board members of museums, arts and other cultural organisations to review new business model and income generation ideas.


It was clear from Future Proof participants that the arts sector is full of people with creativity, inspiration and potential ideas about the future for their organisations.  But which idea should we take forward?

  • Will anyone be interested?  How do I know if my idea/s will work? 
  • Will it generate a good return on the investment and lead to financial sustainability?
  • Can we deliver this?  How do I convince others of the benefits of change?

The guide includes tools to help you to test and review your ideas, enabling you to build confidence in selecting future direction, and helping you reduce the risk of failure.

I’ve encouraged an iterative, agile approach to trying stuff out and learning what works.  And shared a business case framework to help you to explore the potential with others and select future direction.

The guide includes stories from leaders of enterprising cultural organisations, as well as advice and top tips from the Future Proof trainers, exploring how to involve others in the process, overcome fear of change, and inspire people across your organisation with the benefits of a new approach.

Image courtesy of Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library

Image courtesy of Harris Museum, Art Gallery & Library

The guide is available free (and Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution, NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) thanks to funding from Arts Council England and sponsorship from Tessitura.  Please share it with any colleagues or friends across the sector that you think might benefit from its advice and practical tools.

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