Bespoke support for you and your team

I create a safe space for you and your team to think deeply about the issues that matter to you, to have critical conversations with your colleagues about your future direction, and  expand on your thoughts, ideas and opportunities with others.

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Forthcoming topics / presentations / training events:

Recent topics / presentations / training events:

  • Diversifying income streams: testing and reviewing ideas, Change Creation, 22nd March 2018, Sheffield
  • Developing empathy: Shared Ambition sharing day, 1st February 2018, Birmingham
  • Marketing and fundraising together:  Shared Ambition, 11th – 13th 2017 October, Leicester
  • Business models – review, adapt, innovate, prototype:  Future Proof Museums, AMA, September 11th – 14th 2017, Cambridge
  • Knowing and growing your audience, Prosper webinar, Creative United, 17th July 2017
  • Diversifying museum visitors – sharing insights so far and exploring next steps with delegates at the AIM National Conference 2017, 22nd – 24th June, Historic Dockyard, Chatham
  • AMA leadership retreat:  AMA Retreat 3, 26th – 29th March 2017, Leicester
  • Do we need to get creative with our memberships? Ticketing Professionals Conference, March 16th – 17th 2017, Birmingham
  • Business models – review, adapt, innovate, prototype:  Future Proof Museums, AMA, March 12th – 15th 2017, Cambridge
  • Leadership and influencing skills:  British Film Institute, Film Audience Network, January 25th 2017, Birmingham
  • Disruption: Association of British Orchestras, January 26th 2017, Bournemouth
  • Business Model Innovation: Museum Connections, January 18th – 19th 2017, Paris
  • Leading transition: Arts & Audiences, 7th – 8th November 2016, Gothenburg
  • Innovative business models in the arts: Creative Lenses, 13th October 2016, London,

Experimentation and innovation

I’ve designed and launched cultural academies focused on experimentation and innovation such as the Digital Marketing Academy, which works with senior marketers and leaders to devise innovative digital approaches to reach and engage audiences and the Audience Diversity Academy which works with senior marketing, learning, curatorial and programming professionals to devise experiments to reach new communities.

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