Creating a one-page audience engagement plan

Writing audience development plans can feel like climbing a mountain, especially in the current climate. But keep it simple and you’ll have a genuinely useful tool for everyday use. 

In 2021, I had the pleasure of working with Guy Turton, Director, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, on the 21st Century Visitor Attractions programme, commissioned by Museum Development East Midlands and delivered by the Arts Marketing Association.

The programme is helping cultural and heritage organisations become more audience-focused, resilient and successful and includes a one-page audience engagement plan connecting:

  • Why your organisation exists (your cause) 
  • How it articulates that, internally and externally (your brand)
  • What it’s seeking to do (aims and objectives)
  • Who it’s seeking to do that to (audience)
  • How you’re going to do it (strategy and tactics)
  • And how you’ll know if you’re successful (outputs and outcomes) 

Read Guy’s brilliant article explaining more.