Business model innovation

I work with arts and cultural organisations devising strategies and adapting business models to enable them to become more relevant and resilient.

Why:  The crucial first step to resilience is to define why your organisation is vital.  What difference does it make?  What impact does it have?  How is it relevant in today’s diverse society?  What would be deeply missed if your organisation no longer existed?

What:  We then define the strategy, business model and approach to help you achieve your ‘why’, to deliver on your vision and purpose.  We explore the strengths and weaknesses of your current approach and consider how it might need to change in order to become more:

  • desirable:  do audiences, visitors, funders, members and others clearly understand and love what you offer, and feel compelled to get involved?
  • feasible:  can you deliver on your promises with your existing resources, skills, assets and partnerships?
  • and viable:  does it stack up financially and provide opportunities for future growth and innovation?

How:  You could have the most inspiring vision and a perfectly crafted strategic plan, but if you don’t have an effective leadership and organisational culture that is ready to adapt and respond and drive change forward, it will be very difficult to bring either of those to life.

Image courtesy of National Theatre of Scotland © Tim Morozzo

Image courtesy of National Theatre of Scotland © Tim Morozzo

Current projects include:

  • Training at the residential, plus follow-up mentoring and in-house facilitation for participants and fellows on the AMA’s Future Proof programme
  • Business advisor for Creative United’s Prosper programme for arts and creative organisations across England

Recent projects include:

  • Carrying out research and facilitating a board retreat exploring the future business model for MCN, a network of hundreds of people across the US and the rest of the world, working to advance digital transformation in museums
  • Working with Ron Evans from Group of Minds to explore new business model ideas at Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, Washington

Let’s talk

If you’re interested in discussing how I might help you and your organisation to develop future business models, plans and / or strategies, please do get in touch 

Images courtesy of National Theatre of Scotland ©  Tim Morozzo