Future Proof Museums

Future Proof Museum is an intensive development programme proven to significantly improve resilience in museums across England.

I’m proud to be a core trainer and mentor, alongside Andrew McIntyre, Susan Royce, Mark Wright, and Mel Larsen.

The programme takes place over several months, working with 20 museums in each cohort from across England.  Together we explore how the the museums might change, adapt, influence and remain relevant in an ever-changing world.

Future Proof, takes place over three core stages:

  • In-house diagnostics:

    Each museum taking part explores their ambition and future direction as a team together with one of the Future Proof specialist trainers.

    This takes place within the museum to enable a range of people to take part; to explore different perspectives across the organisation and to highlight areas of agreement as well as those that might be contradictory.

  • Residential training:

    The leaders from each participating museum come together at a residential programme exploring a strategic change toolkit for their museum:

    • Defining the museum’s cause – the difference it makes to the world
    • Exploring the story of the museum and mapping its direction of travel
    • Visualising the current business model, it’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Exploring how to innovate around the model and prototype new directions
    • Analysing leadership style and organisational culture
    • Exploring how to manage change successfully and overcome resistance within the organisation
  • Follow-up programme of support:

    Different leaders have different areas of the programme that they want to focus on and take forwards.  We work closely with each leader to craft follow-up support back in their museum.  This might include mentoring for the CEO, facilitated sessions with the senior management team or trustees, or masterclasses on key topics.

For more information please see the Future Proof website.

Download the Future Proof guide about how to test and review new business model / income generation ideas.


Photo by Eureka! The National Children’s Museum

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